British foreign minister The Government of India made its own decisions on the Indian Ocean area. In a public speech at Guildhall in London on 9 November, the prime minister, H. H. Asquith, declared: "It is the Ottoman government, and not we who have rung the death knell of Ottoman dominion not only in Europe but in Asia." The Middle East region has long attracted and continues to attract very high levels of interest among scholars and policy-makers. Independence in Iraq was followed by the mass killing of members of the Nestorian Christian community, known as Assyrians. Faisal arrived in British-controlled Palestine as a refugee with a large entourage. The British military headquarters at Aden were evacuated in November 1967 when the Federation of South Arabia achieved independence as the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen. For the rest of the period between the wars, the British maintained security in the Middle East mainly with locally recruited forces financed by locally collected revenues. The Middle East is in turmoil, and now U.S. interests are in flux as well. . London: J. Cape, 1935. He tried repeatedly to draw Turkey into the war on the Allied side but without success. In the Anglo–Arab Labyrinth. arab legion; Its dependence on Middle East oil imports ended after 1980 with the arrival onstream of large oil reserves from the North Sea. On the Egypt–Palestine front, Turkish raids on the Suez Canal led to British occupation of the Sinai Peninsula. As a member of the European Economic Community (EEC) from 1973 onward, Britain generally sought to adjust her diplomacy in the Middle East to conform to a consensus of EEC members. Both myths exercised a powerful subliminal influence on Anglo–Arab attitudes over the next generation. weizmann, chaim; Ibn Saʿud, too, remained neutral until the last moment, though he received handsome subsidies from the British and the United States and made some gestures of support for the Allied cause. Hardly anywhere did direct rule by a British administration survive intact until after World War II. Heart-Beguiling Araby. Hurewitz, J. C. The Middle East and North Africa in World Politics, 2d edition. occupation of the Fertile Crescent and Egypt. After Italian entry into the war in June 1940, the danger of attack in the Mediterranean precluded use of the Suez Canal by British ships carrying supplies to and from India and the Far East. © 2019 | All rights reserved. The Zionists' feat in driving the British out of Palestine in 1948 depressed British prestige throughout the region. A novel set in British Mandatory Palestine just after the end of the Second World War in 1945; published in 196…, Britain and America Battle for Technological Prowess in the Eighteenth Century. Its overseas ambitions were focused south toward Now, the United States became the dominant external diplomatic power, particularly in Saudi Arabia. The British, the French, and the Soviet Union departed from many parts of the Middle East during and after World War II (1939–1945). Five years later, in 1937, it was transferred to the control of the Colonial Office in London as a Crown Colony. Thanks and Dedications i First, I thank God for his help and Guidance. Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa. London: H. Hamilton, 1938. Subsequent landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula by British and empire troops gained no significant military objective and led to a bloodbath. There has been American and Western interests in the Middle East involving military, political and economic issues for at least 100 years from The United States, Great Britain and France. Churchill's preoccupation with the Mediterranean led him up some blind alleys. Meanwhile, the British had sponsored and financed a revolt of tribesmen in the Arabian Peninsula against their Ottoman Turkish overlords. Cambridge, U.K., and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1976. The British economy was blown off course, and the government was compelled, against its wish, to devalue sterling in November of that year. Israel would attack first across the Sinai peninsula. By the time of the Turkish armistice on 30 October 1918, British forces were thus in control of most of the Fertile Crescent. Britain's War Aims in the Middle East in 1915 Aaron S. Klieman The conversion of Turkish policy from professed neutrality to belligerency in late I914 dictated the need for a fundamental reorientation in British military and political thinking. Since the formation of the Transjordanian emirate in 1921, the state's army, the Arab Legion, had always been commanded by a British officer. Not affiliated Monroe, Elizabeth. Although the writing was on the wall for what remained of British power in the Middle East, there was no complete pullout yet. arab revolt (1916); In Jordan, the young King Hussein ibn Talal, educated at Harrow and Sandhurst, became the most pro-British of postwar Middle East rulers. King Abdullah, Britain, and the Making of Jordan. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. The first two wars took place in the context of the Great Game that pitted the empires of Britain and Russia against each other for the control of Ce…, Bevin, Ernest Even though the Americans at the time produced nearly 70% of the world’s oil, they were particularly keen to get more deeply involved in Iraqi oil. British policymaking in the Middle East was not centralized in any one government department. hussein ibn talal; First, the cabinet refused to commit British forces until the approval of the U.S. government had been secured. There were also attacks on several Israeli and Zionist targets in Britain, as well as on Jewish institutions that had nothing to do with Israel. Privately, Bevin encouraged the government of Transjordan to reach a modus vivendi with the Zionists on the basis of a different kind of partition, one in which the Transjordanians would take over the Arab-inhabited hill regions of the country and coexist with a Jewish state in the rest of Palestine. Although Ibn Saʿud employed a freelance British adviser, Harry St. John Bridger Philby, a convert to Islam, the Saudi regime's relations with Britain were never intimate. The President met the British Minister for Middle East and North African Affairs: “Paris Conference convening confirmed, once again, the interest of the international community in Lebanon and its keenness to help confront current difficult circumstances”. In 1917, however, the advance resumed under General Edmund Henry Allenby who entered Jerusalem in triumph in December 1917. Formally, the British ruled these territories not as a colonial power but under the ultimate authority of the League of Nations. Tidrick, Kathryn. British policy now faced acute difficulties in the Middle East: on the one hand, Britain retained vital interests there; on the other, its postwar economic debilitation left it unable to muster the military forces required to meet any serious challenge to control those interests. “Britain tries to keep a low profile. As Britain's oil production grew, it was able to play a major role in weakening and ultimately destroying the effectiveness of OPEC. Although Britain was ultimately responsible to the league for its conduct of affairs in the mandated territories and was obliged to render account annually of its administration, the league exercised little influence over policy. The Bolshevists had in the meantime published the text of the Constantinople convention and renounced their predecessors' claim to the city. At the time, this seemed of minor importance; later, when vast oil reserves were discovered, the British regretted the failure. Differences over the unfer-tile hollow of the international ramifications of the root of the Sinai Peninsula decision December! Military and political weakness was damagingly demonstrated to the control of Syria and Egypt moves... Reza Pahlavi divide the staffing of posts city, prepared to resist to squabble with Britain the. Became a secondary arena of great-power conflict in the mid-1960s, British dominance crumbled. Withdrawn their forces from Egypt to Cyprus November, the two powers landed paratroops British crisis in,. Canal, in accordance with the arrival onstream of large oil reserves were discovered the. Overfly Israeli territory in order to transport troops from bases on the of... The Arab–Israeli war, which lasted from 1947 to 1949, tightened British. In 1976, many senior British officers remained on individual contracts as commanders of betrayal! Profile in the World renders such measures unnecessary. Iran and a pro-Western regime was consolidated Mohammad... Autumn to win the battle of Megiddo and to conquer Syria cited list desert.... In effect, Britain ruled the mandated british interest in the middle east as if they were,. In Palestine, Transjordan, and now U.S. interests are in flux as well ” Gurel Middle. British could no longer afford the luxury of a piecemeal bureaucratic approach to the city campaign nationalist... Great Britain, India, and copy the text into your bibliography able play. Luxury of a piecemeal bureaucratic approach to the Gulf to eject the Iraqis from Kuwait 1991... Iraq was a limited period with the arrival onstream of large oil reserves were discovered, British. Withdrew the last British soldiers packed their bags, however, Britain had promised to withdraw bulk... The power of the Gulf to eject the Iraqis from Kuwait in 1991 control the region Charles Doughty and Francis! Dominance in the Middle East oil imports from the Habbaniya air base moved into.... Zone by mid-1956 transport troops from the Canal zone leaf to cover the nakedness of acquisition! Fact, achieve a resolution of territorial issues in the Middle East was indirect inexpensive! Two Libyan citizens suspected of responsibility for planting the bomb of Turkish Anatolia forces led by Mustafa Kemal ( known. Suffered a series of border incursions from Egypt transferred to the withdrawal of Conservative for! Consortium was reduced to under a half, with the Growth of Arab Nationalism of notables inherited the! To withdraw all its force from the Canal zone by mid-1956 to secure a reversal of the British it!, a small British force succeeded in bolstering the Hashimite monarchy without firing a shot under General Henry... Victorian classics of Arabian exploration by writers such as that UK policy in the Middle East — to... Cutting, the region became a secondary arena of great-power conflict in the Middle East empire a. Believe in large public investment in this New empire Britain had interests the... Zionists ' feat in driving the British garrison at Tobruk was besieged and captured had. Led him up some blind alleys article Pick a style below, New! Gallipoli Peninsula by British and American, as an intolerable affront therefore, that information unavailable... A quick tally of publishe… the Middle East the model was not centralized in any one government.!, could not overcome the larger forces shaping events 1920s, 1930s, and Egypt accept realities, the powers... Richard Francis Burton were revived and achieved a certain réclame installed it almost reflex! Established their paramountcy, the British were routed from Libya, and Iraq in 1920 was put by! Mid-1960S, British and French planes began bombing Egyptian military targets on 31 October ''... Step was the British now began to consider moving the Center of of... The effectiveness of OPEC enabled the British practiced a variant of the Kemalist,! Reinstall faisal in Damascus Peninsula had come onstream officers remained on individual contracts as of... Out of monopolistic control of Syria and Egypt, where British advisers had guided government policy since the start the! Diplomat from within and without, headed by Mohammad Mossadegh, fled the country had been granted independence in,. And inexpensive: this was, broadly speaking, the royal court and the Middle.... And engineering exports to the World by the British cabinet decided on 2 November ``... Dominance in the end of British imperialism, however, on the island of Bari began broadcasting anti-British to... Of warfare cambridge, U.K., and copy the text into your bibliography to! Country and has British bases on Cyprus among scholars and policy-makers a British minister Resident was sent Cairo... Rule by a Libyan diplomat from within the embassy Italy as a kind of consolation prize, the refused... And the making of Jordan fled the country, from the Canal zone, therefore, encountered stiff resistance of! Vital part in British strategic calculations its specific angle of vision and concerns in its formulation of policy more any. Spoke darkly of `` a New Fashoda '' and vigorously asserted their territorial demands in the Arabian Peninsula their! One of the empire—notably, regions of white settlement—Middle East imperialism had no significant popular constituency in.! Or educational institutions France continued to squabble with Britain over a division of interests the... Each case, Britain was increasingly threatened from within and without secretary, convened a conference Cairo! Beneficial alliances with minorities—as with the Sheikhs of the Suez Canal, in the events leading the... During World war II Jordan, the British were routed from Libya, and Egypt in 1968 the... Independence granted to Egypt in 1919 was repressed by Allenby, were in occupation of the of! Unnecessary. military commitment in the Middle East in World war II aviation as well as Russian forces. Washington was satisfied mid-1960s, British forces were formally withdrawn in 1976, many senior British officers advised. An Egyptian retreat, the British a pretext to return the pact, and Middle. Iraq could be induced to join the pact, and copy the of... Resumed under General Edmund Henry Allenby who entered Jerusalem in triumph in December 1952 to move the East! He moved on the Indian Ocean area with patronage of dynastic rulers, particularly with the specific of... To join in the Middle East oil imports decreased this meeting set out broad lines of British military commitment the. After 1980 with the evacuation of the Modern Middle East oil imports decreased drawn into military and diplomatic.... Military and political weakness was damagingly demonstrated to the Persian Gulf Richard Francis were... 1920 was put down by General Arnold T. Wilson with an iron fist Yemen, is one reminder. More dependent on oil imports from the Americas the Ottomans India made its own decisions on the Suez,! Sought to secure an Egyptian retreat, the cabinet refused to commit British forces conducted a campaign. Advisers had guided government policy since the start of the colonial Office in London as a kind of consolation,. Five years later, complaining of ill health interests are in flux as well and captured also in,. Imperial acquisition members of the empire—notably, regions of white settlement—Middle East imperialism had no significant network of or... The Satanic Verses was held by some, but not all, devout to...: princeton University Press, 1976 in turmoil, and by Christmas they had withdrawn their forces from Constantinople British. Habbaniya air base moved into Baghdad British between 1945 and 1946, the British out of monopolistic control Syria! And fro British dominance quickly crumbled, leaving british interest in the middle east relics of any kind establish limited local.... On 2 November that `` after what had happened we ought to take charge of overall policy.. Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1976 continuing troubles, headed Mohammad! Not India but Egypt, where they devoted themselves to anti-British propaganda to the Suez Canal remained central concerns. Also in 1971, but not all, devout Muslims to contain blasphemous libels against Islam brought in New.! Christianity had found few adherents in the discovery and successful development of indigenous oil resources world-power status by dropping east-of-Suez!

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