While the current harbour of Carrickfergus is predominantly home … ), is generally identified as the son of Ferchard, Prince of Scots in Ireland and is the first of the line of Legendary kings of Scotland.. The rock was known as “Carraig-Fergus” and the town is now known as Carrickferus. Because of its strategic position on a rocky spur above the harbor, Carrickfergus Castle, … King Fergus is the tritagonist of the 2012 Disney•Pixar animated feature film, Brave. in the Keep of Carrickfergus Castle. King Fergus is revered as the first King of Scotland, but he also has a very current royal connection. He resides in the kingdom of DunBroch in the Scottish Highlands, along with his family and his wife, Queen Elinor. Long story short: the legendary scottish king, Fergus the Great, was sailing home to Ulster when his ship ran aground on a rock by the shore. Carrickfergus has been a landing point for the last millennia, and of course one of the most infamous landings is that of King William III. The "first king of … The name, meaning “rock of Fergus,” commemorates King Fergus, who was shipwrecked off the coast c. AD 320. The name Carrickfergus which means (Rock of Fergus) is derived from an incident which happened about 530 AD, King Fergus of Scotland suffered from a skin complaint (possibly leprosy) heard of a … Established in 1974, it lies on Belfast Lough. He did unfortunately come to this conclusion through mistaking Fergus Mór mac Eirc with the fictional King Fergus … Fergus … It was Carrickfergus—the names, variously, of an old Irish folksong, the MacNeice poem, the eight-hundred-year-old town named after a basalt outcrop (Carrick) and a leprotic king (Fergus) in search … District (pop., 2001: 37,659), northeastern Northern Ireland. But it’s the castle that I want to tell you about. However, J Bell wrote in A Conjecture as to the Origin of the Name of Carrickfergus that the name is more likely to have come from the Irish Carraig na Fairge, meaning “Rock of the Sea”. In its early history the importance of Carrickfergus centres around its Castle. Unfortunately, the king never made it to the river, for his ship was wrecked on a rock off the Irish coast, giving rise to the name “Carrickfergus” (previously known as Krag’fergus – Irish for ‘rock of Fergus’ … Hence the name Carrickfergus "the Rock of Fergus". The view from the castle on Carrickfergus … Old traditions say it derived its name from King Fergus, a Scottish King, who came to drink the waters of the well to cure his leprosy but who drowned when his boat struck the rock. However, that well was built at the same time as the castle and there is no record of any activity on the Rock of Fergus before the castle was built by John de Courcy in 1178. He is … King Fergus I (said to have flourished c. 330 B.C.

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