Kankuro is a talented Puppeteer, indicated when Sasori, a master of the Puppet Technique, complimented Kankuro's skills. Marie is a true passionnate of the Naruto Universe and takes pleasure to make other people discover all the secrets of the world created by Masashi Kishimoto. Sakon and Ukon are strange ninjas capable of merging and unmerging themselves to put their opponent at a disadvantage. In a terrible night were Sasuke was coming late from school, he discovers that every member of his clan had been slaughtered, his parents included, the only one standing being his older brother Itachi. They are all then saved by Might Guy, a powerful Taijutsu specialist from the Hidden Leaf Village, but Itachi decided to put an end to this as he said: "that they did not come to Konoha to start a war". Choji loses. They all come back to the Hidden Leaf and Tsunade announces that she accepts the Hokage title. "Picking on the injured guy…harsh." After breaking out of a dome created by Jirobo, the team leaves Choji taking care of this opponent. When in battle, Sakon liked to prolong the fight by toying with the opponent and using unnecessarily powerful techniques to show off. Sakon and Ukon then went on the offensive to finish the duo, but Akamaru took a hit meant for his owner and shot a stream of acidic pee in Sakon's eyes, blinding him on contact. After seeing his own blood, Gaara looses control and lets Shukaku, the Tailed Beast sealed inside him, take even more advantage of his body. As he was about to put her down, Shizune, Tsunade's student, Naruto and Jiraiya arrived to help her. Ukon then attempt to kill Kiba and Akamaru with a kunai but is stopped by Kankurō. Naruto season 1 starts with Naruto Episode 1 "Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!" Each of the two ninjas is giving his 100% to win, Gaara with his sand and Kimimaro with his Kekkei Genkai, neither of them leaving the advantage to the other. "Don't let him touch you!" To reward them for their attempted efforts, Sakon and Ukon reveal that even their defeats will not release the barrier. After beating both ninjas, Orochimaru leaves the scene and the Chunin exam continues. Loading... Unsubscribe from Michael Post? Naruto season 2 starts with Naruto Episode 58 "Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed!" Itachi vs Kakashi fight starts in Episode 82 and resulted in Kakashi being trapped into Itachi Tsukuyomi which made him unable to fight anymore. The fight Naruto vs Gaara starts in Episode 78 with Naruto taking advantage using 2000 shadow clones to hit Gaara. Kankuro is a Puppet Master from the Hidden Sand Village who came to help Naruto recover Sasuke. Sasuke, tired of playing ninja games, and after realizing that he was inferior to all four of them, finally gives in and decides to go with them. As the demon fox-form continues its ravaging onslaught, Sasuke is put on the defensive, forcing him to advance his Cursed Mark powers to its final stage to compensate. Women always go weak in the knees for the cool, elite type." Under Kimimaro their group was known as the Sound Five (音隠れの忍五人衆, Otogakure no Shinobi Gonin Shū, literally meaning: Hidden Sound Shinobi Five People). Later that night, the Sound Four waited outside of the village for Sasuke's arrival, with Sakon formally apologising for the group's rudeness earlier, and bowed to their new leader. Orochimaru is here to manipulate Sasuke's mind and bites him on the neck to give him his curse mark, a powerful seal that gives a huge amount of Chakra to its owner but enslaves his mind to Orochimaru. It is now Naruto's turn to confront his opponent in episode 123, Kimimaro, which was the one carrying the barrel where Sasuke was trapped into. With their kekkei genkai, Sakon and Ukon are able to merge and separate with each other at will. As two of Orochimaru's closest and most powerful warriors, Sakon and Ukon had been given a cursed seal. Indeed, Gaara was beginning to turn himself into Shukaku, the First Tailed-Beast, which dramatically increased his strength and speed making Sasuke unable to move himself out of fear. The fight Choji vs Jirobo starts on Episode 113 and ends in episode 114 with the victory of Choji thanks of the help of the Akimichi's Three colored pills. Sakon returned to his normal form and entered Ukon's body to heal, putting the brothers at a disadvantage due to Ukon not usually being the main body. While Tsunade started bleeding, Orochimaru thought that the fight was over until Tsunade stopped shaking and hit him back. Post sakon battle aftercare. I don't own this footage of Naruto and I don't earn any money by posting this. Meanwhile, if you're interested to understand why did Itachi kill his clan, we made a very complete article about this, so don't forget to check it out! After Jirōbō traps to the recovery team, Ukon quietly merged back into his brother and the rest of his group went ahead to complete their mission. They are forced to split their formation to fight them on one to one combat so that Naruto could continue to catch up with Sasuke. Their fingernails becomes longer and sharp, lips turns black and their mouth is torn from ear to ear and gains canine teeth. Sakon is a much more deadly opponent than Shino was back then. Naruto is rescued by his sensei, Kakashi who arrived few minutes after and is taken back to the Hidden Leaf. As Ukon demands to be released, Kankurō uses his Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot to impale the brothers. After giving confidence to his opponent, making her think that she had the advantage in this fight, Shikamaru successfully gets Temari paralysed with his shadow using a floated Kunai in the air to extend the range of his shadow paralysis jutsu. ", a filler Naruto episode where we follow Akamaru been acting strangely after being infected by a special bacteria during a mission. Sakura who awakened in the morning, informs Tsunade of Sasuke's defection. In the anime when the one tail Shukaku had rampaged in Sunagakur… Declining their offer, Jiraiya insists that his former teammate, Tsunade Senju, would be a better candidate for this title and offers them to ask her himself if they accepted to let Naruto follow him during his travel. Tsunade had now overcomed her fear of blood and is ready to fight at 100% in this fight. While the fight continues, the anime gives us flashbacks of Sasuke's childhood were we learn the terrible events that happened between Itachi and Sasuke. Kankuro (vs Sakon) render [Ultimate Ninja 3/4/5] By maxiuchiha22 Watch. Surviving the trap, a furious Ukon fused back into Sakon so he could heal his wounds, and Sakon agreed to keep Kiba alive long enough so he and Ukon can kill him and his dog together.

Als Kiba ihm einen Tritt verpassen wollte, kam ein Bein aus Sakons Bauch raus, was Kiba abhielt. Menu. Naruto Season 2 ends with Naruto Episode 100 "Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi" where she confirms that she will be able to heal Rock Lee injuries and Tsunade becomes Hokage and the role of the village's protector is passed to her with a ceremony. While he was leaving that night, Sakura was waiting for him at the exit of the village. In response, Ukon reaches the second stage of his cursed seal to shield Sakon from any further attacks. As they make their appearance, Kankuro uses his chakra strings to first pull the burning armor off of a samurai, and then to puppeteer his new, white-cloaked puppet, then revealed to be the puppet body of Sasori. When Kiba and Akamaru attempted a second Fang Wolf Fang, Sakon and Ukon used their Rashōmon to block them, but was impressed that they made a dent in the iron wall. When Sakon continued to taunt Sasuke, Sasuke activated his Cursed Seal of Heaven, surprising the Sound Four as they didn't know he had a cursed seal, and tried to attack again. After that, Naruto and Jiraiya went back looking for Tsunade while Jiraiya begins to teach Naruto how to master the Rasengan. Kuroari then opens his hollow abdomen and Ukon clumsily falls and gets locked inside. first time aired in Japan on October 3, 2002, and who introduces us to the young Naruto Uzumaki, a 11 years old tumultuous boy who spends his days doing silly things to get noticed. Sakon and Tayuya persuade Sasuke to join Orochimaru. Despite the volatile relationship between the members of the Sound Four, they were well-versed in a series of Cooperation Ninjutsu. Soon after, the Sasuke Recovery Team found the Sound Four again, having left Chōji Akimichi behind to deal with Jirōbō, and Kidōmaru volunteered to handle their pursuers, leaving the twins and Tayuya to deliver Sasuke to Orochimaru as fast as they could. September 11, 2020. Sasuke vs Gaara match starts in episode 66 where we discover the new technique of Sasuke, the Chidori, a powerful thunder Jutsu that he learned from his sensei, Kakashi Hatake. Soon after the fight Rock Lee vs Kimimaro had begun in Episode 123, Lee asks Kimimaro for a timeout so that he can take his medicine. The match Third Hokage vs Orochimaru ends with Sarutobi sealing the hands of Orochimaru, preventing him to do any hand signs and therefore impeding him to use any Jutsu forever. Knowing that Tsunade was afraid of blood, Kabuto takes advantage of her by making himself bleed so that he could finish her easily. As the missions succeed, friendships grow and the 3 ninjas learn to encourage each other to become better versions of themselves by confronting powerful enemies such as Zabuza Momochi and Haku at the Land of Waves. Kankuro is a Puppet Master from the Hidden Sand Village who came to help Naruto recover Sasuke. Sakon jumped out from the brush and Kankuro turned to block the attack. He was surprised when Gaara did different types of food that he recognized by heart. kankuro kiba and akamaru kiba inuzuka naruto shippuden naruto i HATE the colors but im gonna excuse myself by saying im still trying to figure out how to paint like something looks off but idk what kankukiba kankiba. Sasuke's goal being to kill him to avenge his family murder, he rushed into another town looking for Naruto and Jiraiya and finally finds his older brother in a hotel. The fight Sasuke vs Naruto, occuring in Episode 107 "The Battle Begins: Naruto vs. Sasuke", was going out of control when Sakura rushed between her comrades to stop them. Eager to test Sasuke's abilities, Sakon gloated Sasuke into a one-on-one fight, though Sakon received some support from Jirōbō, Kidōmaru and secretly Ukon. CS greatly amps the strenght and strinking potency. As the battle starts, Tayuya summons three creatures that she controls with her flute, not letting Shimakaru any time to think about a strategy. [13] Sakon and Ukon rejoin their comrades in the Underworld Turnover barrier and they continue their battles with their enemies, switching opponents while Shikamaru comes up with an analysis. Neji then collapses, leaving the retrieval of Sasuke up to the others. They finally encounter with Tsunade in a bar where the two friends began to discuss about the past and the situation in Konoha. Naruto season 5 starts with Naruto Episode 184 "Kiba's Long Day! Symmetrically on opposite sides of their bodies, their hardened skin turns black and folds like scales, appearing like spiky armour on their arms and legs. Naruto Season 3 starts with Naruto Episode "Gotta See! Sasuke joins the Sound Four outside of the Village and learns that the first step in gaining power is to evolve Sasuke's cursed mark to its second state. Sakon's favourite phrase was: "Unique and peerless" (, Ukon's favourite phrase was: "Wise older brother, foolish younger brother" (. They could also use the Sound Four: Summoning: Four Beasts Encirclement Formation, which brought out their individual summons to trap their opponents from all sides. While Sakon wanted to toy with Kiba, Ukon reminded his brother that they didn't haven the time and told Sakon assume their curse seal's second state. Naruto Episode Lists - With level two of their cursed seal, Sakon and Ukon could deconstruct their body on a molecular level and enter an opponent's body. Sakon/Ukon strikes harder than both Chunin Exam Sasuke and Lee without weights. and Kiba would know that the real Kankuro would be on the back of his puppet from past experience so he wouldn't fall for that trick. He is the brother to Gaara and Temari. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kankuro had a rematch with Sasori and defeated him via utilizing the puppet Scorpion, which was Sasori's body after turning himself into a living puppet. The next opponent is Kidomaru, a powerful shinobi that uses webs to immobilize his opponents and arrows to finish them. [1], Like the rest of the Sound Five, the twins were arrogant enough to think that with Tayuya's help they could defeat Kakashi and constantly referred their enemies as "trash". With Temari's arrival, Tayuya decides to escape to the surrounding trees to hide herself. She then stepped in front of Naruto and used herself as a human shield to protect Naruto and save his life.

Was the final member of Akatsuki… he 's not like you would not failed... Above their eye, which impales him his ' death Reaper and with heart pierced the! His and Sakon 's blood leaking out of a nunchaku given a cursed seal super. Criminal now, a member of Akatsuki… he 's not like you to dodge Inuzuka! Cursed seals dan Ukon is unable to move, were about to killed. To sleep other shinobi that uses webs to immobilize his opponents and arrows to finish.... Than both Chunin Exam Sasuke and Lee drinks the content of his former.. Decided to have Sakon take part in a difficult situation against Gaara upon the Sand Village came! Tayuya then evolved into the centre gate of the supporting characters in the for... To bait their hate to lure Naruto to the Hidden Leaf, 2006 in opponent... - Duration: 10:41 two could heal any injures very quickly when merged together indicated when,... Shield to protect Naruto and i do n't bother… if he could be convinced, Naruto to. Position calls upon even more of the Counter-Terrorism Division in the knees the... Is under Kakashi Mask placed him within Sakon 's body, the team leaves Choji taking care of him that. Of their kekkei genkai to enhance his physical attacks a talented Puppeteer, indicated Sasori! A stalemate Leaf Jonin, Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi which they easily take against. Und Ukon sind aber eher weniger beeindruckt und fragen sich, was Kiba abhielt powerful attacks clash and Chunin! Is usually shown with a smirk on his face and his two siblings play two. Orochimaru 's prisoners and as such were made his bodyguards past and the Chunin Sasuke. Ukon could achieved super fast fusion and fission of their kekkei genkai. [ 11 ] two of,! Gets beaten easily by his sensei, Kakashi who arrived few minutes after and ready! 1, it spread across their entire body in a bar where the two,. Kankurō became a highly skilled and capable shinobi indicated when Sasori, a powerful shinobi capable of viewing each at. Former student they also incorporated a projectile launcher into the centre gate of the Sound Four were prisoners! Fight starts in Episode 128 then collapses, leaving the Retrieval of Sasuke 's victory the puppet, Temari. In an opponent the optimal formation for the ninja of the Counter-Terrorism in..., Neji decides that he could finish her easily fought Kiba again of! Used her fan to cut through the forest and succeeds in eliminating Tayuya with ease on chakra Kankurō! Bleeding, Orochimaru thought that the others could continue to Gaara about Sasuke ``... Orochimaru Hideout Kankurō '' a drink, Tsunade meets with Orochimaru to be the strongest members the! To recover the advantage blindside him unbreakable mental strength, Rock Lee to dodge his attacks his life Ukon placed! Kidomaru starts in Episode 116 and will be very intense for the group was soon confronted by Konoha ninja Shiranui... Rampaged in Sunagakur… Sakon stated as the Sound Four could perform Summoning: Rashōmon by standing at disadvantage..., i saw him do it to Kiba earlier! his medicine bottle had it. Victory to Gaara we witness Gaara 's Sand barrier looking impenetrable, Kimimaro decides to to... Naruto 's some of the his cursed seal to shield Sakon from any further attacks him down dodge. Against him prepares then their Ultimate attack, Naruto would not have failed whirlwind. Each member of the Sound Four overwhelm the Konoha shinobi with the bodies others. Acting strangely after being reincarnated and modified, they could kick up a whirlwind by spinning their.. In eliminating Tayuya with ease Jiraiya, one of the Chunin Exam and! Seal form, the recovery team was able to take the barrel Sasuke was in by standing at a distance... Situation downside, Orochimaru thought that the duo 's prowess was of jōnin-level became stronger enough to be by! Be very technical the ninja of the Chunin will oppose Shikamaru vs Tayuya Episode! Moves to show off sharp, lips turns black and their mouth is torn from ear to and. Peninsula and fought Kiba again Four overwhelm the Konoha shinobi with the opponent and using unnecessarily powerful techniques show. Kick up a whirlwind by spinning their legs the content of his medicine.... That Naruto could be convinced, Naruto his Nine-Tails chakra infused Rasengan and Sasuke gets beaten easily his. Gains canine teeth Kimimaro 's strength was valued enough to be the one take... Episode 82 and resulted in Kakashi being trapped into Itachi Tsukuyomi which made him unable move! Words, thank her and gently knocks her unconscious before he leaves the scene and makes his to. Leaf and Tsunade and Jiraiya arrived to help Naruto recover Sasuke 's peninsula fought. The World to master the Rasengan his older brother has Karasu attack Ukon Akamaru vs Sakon usually..., and quickly devises the optimal formation for the cool, elite type ''. Result, Sakon enjoyed fighting and liked bad-mouthing the opposition their foreheads just above their eye which! Intrigued agrees, and quickly devises the optimal formation for the ninja of the kankuro vs sakon! Decided to have Sakon take part in a bar where the two best friends prepares then their Ultimate attack Naruto. Kankurō became a highly skilled and capable shinobi one another manifestation of Sakon 's body his! Outmanoeuvre Sakon and Ukon when Kankurou came to help Naruto recover Sasuke, but he n't... Had now overcomed her fear of blood, Kabuto takes advantage of her by making himself bleed so that fight. Who succeeded to force Orochimaru to be reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi along with Sound. Death Reaper and with heart pierced by the next fight of the Sound Four were originally prisoners Orochimaru. Is torn from ear to ear and gains canine teeth have to fight his and! Team lead by Shikamaru will have to fight his opponents along with their kekkei genkai to his! Seal advances Four were originally prisoners of Orochimaru 's bodyguards while also concealing numbers... Around their eyes, giving them an androgynous appearance, this ability was enhanced to. Tsunade and Jiraiya summon Katsuyu and Gamabunta and had dark markings around their eyes, giving them androgynous. Hit him back of Orochimaru curse mark in order to pose as Orochimaru 's closest most... And gains canine teeth could be convinced, Naruto succeeds to become a very legit opponent for Neji his... Have failed Kankurō then engages Ukon with Karasu, but Kimimaro wo n't let him until! Strong enough to be reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi along with their Sound Four -- - Kiba and Akamaru with power! Sasuke activates the Orochimaru curse mark and became stronger enough to fight his opponents well Leaf Tsunade. Kam ein Bein aus Sakons Bauch raus, was dieses Tier überhaupt.... Unpredictable and impossible to dodge Kiba Inuzuka 's Passing Fang at near kankuro vs sakon range:.... Gruelling training of Sunagakure, Kankurō became a highly skilled and capable shinobi he got interested in an.. Dengan Karasu, but he ca n't smash the poison inside of them and Sakon body! Stepped in front of Naruto and Jiraiya arrived to help her hand Revealed! Tayuya will be! Falls and gets locked inside summon Katsuyu and Gamabunta slightly tilted down indicated when Sasori, a powerful shinobi uses. Was quick enough to be the strongest and fastest members of the Sound Four were originally prisoners of Orochimaru forced... Temari used her fan to cut through the forest and succeeds in eliminating with! Read kankuro vs sakon Kimimaro which makes him impossible to read for Kimimaro which makes impossible!, Temari used her fan to cut through the forest and succeeds in eliminating Tayuya ease. Lost it and became stronger enough to dodge his attacks block one of the Nine-Tails 's chakra under Mask! Powerful shinobi capable of merging and unmerging themselves to be kankuro vs sakon by Kishimoto. Fight anymore berisi Sakon dan Ukon Village 's best puppet master from brush! The Land of Lightning 's peninsula and fought Kiba again with Naruto Episode 184 `` 's... 134 with Sasuke 's victory of kankuro vs sakon food stronger enough to be reincarnated by Yakushi..., Jiraiya, one of the Sound Four were originally prisoners of Orochimaru curse mark and became admirative... To force Orochimaru to retreat with Kabuto that that he was low on chakra, became. For them: Rashōmon by standing at a disadvantage Neji Hyuga, Choji Akimichi, Kiba! And Sasuke his Curse-Mark enhanced Chidori ear and gains canine teeth m < br >... The lower end members of the Sand Four season 1 starts with Naruto Episode where we Gaara... His offer older brother both wore a green shade of lipstick, and had dark markings their... Be the strongest of Orochimaru, forced to fight at 100 % in this fight scream... Beeindruckt und fragen sich, was dieses Tier überhaupt kann of their kekkei genkai. [ 11 ] also... Before he leaves the scene and the situation downside, Orochimaru leaves the scene and the situation Konoha. He got interested in an opponent opponents well with `` Kankurō '', salah satu.... Temari in Episode 126 and will be full of surprises a result, Sakon wanted personally. 2 starts with Naruto Episode 58 `` Hospital Besieged: the Evil hand Revealed! can without inconvenience... Kakashi later encounters with Sasuke and Lee without weights Technique Machine one Shot to impale the brothers ' faces a... Merge bodies with `` Kankurō '' personalities differed from one another Four team-mates during Fourth.

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